About San Antonio Fencing Center

Salle Pouj is the competitive fencing team that calls the San Antonio Fencing Center home. Salle Pouj was opened in 1987 by Jean Gerard "Pouj" Poujardieu. A maitre d'arms, as was his father, Pouj was a third echelon French fencing master known throughout the country for his coaching skills and contributions to the development of fencers and the sport of fencing.

For 17 years, he coached many individuals, befriended a multitude of people, and provided an unending supply of wit and humor. Even for those who wre not members of the Salle, he would offer advice on fencing and life in general.

In 2004, Pouj conceded his bout with cancer in the early hours of December 27th. His coaching continues within the walls of the San Antonio Fencing Center and through his students who continue to excel in the tasks they undertake, whether it is in the world of fencing or the realm of ordinary life. And for new fencers who decIde to compete as part of Salle Pouj, he would have wished you well and reminded you that "with patience comes victory".

"Patientia Omnia Vincit" [Patience brings victory